Hello, my name is Fraser Leid
Industrial Designer. Musician. Traveller. Fitness Fanatic.
Originally hailing from Cape Town South Africa and now completing my honors degree in the United Kingdom, I am a passionate Industrial Designer, with a focus and ambition to engage in new challenges that push the boundaries of innovative thinking. To date, I have helped establish three American-based start-up companies. From designing enriching furniture for rural african schools with the help of Herman Miller to the world’s first VR satellite in collaboration with SpaceX and NanoRax, I have gained a mass of experience as a design consultant while studying. By definition a “good designer” is one that “solves problems”, but I prefer to see a “great designer” as someone who is purely “solution focused”. The creative outlook of today’s good designer is expressed by the creation of palpable, substantial products aimed at mass markets. A remarkably deep understanding and appreciation of how the world works is a new hallmark of the competent design professional, a benchmark driven ever higher by the likes of today’s emerging talent. It might be ambitious, but my thesis indicates that designers are without doubt, the mainsprings in solving some of the biggest issues that plague humanity. It would be a pleasure to share my outlook with you. Welcome to my page!
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The Potential of an Idea is all that Matters.