My name is Bryan Sharpe . Lead developer @imagex_media. Lead developer @meinanutshell1. One hell of a model Canadian ...sorry 🇨🇦
As a senior developer and team lead, I've worked with large e-commerce clients such as Telus, Eikon, and Koodo to architect, manage, and develop custom solutions for online products, orders and fulfillment. I also am the lead developer at Me in a Nutshell (the site currently invading your eyeholes), where you can take your social media and create beautifully crafted portfolios.
Holy shit when did @NoodleboxCanada get so expensive?!! Gouging at its worst
August 23, 2019
Us to clients: we follow very strict processes and ensure the very best of quality assurance

Us on corp projects:…
August 23, 2019
Sometimes vanilla JS is ok guys, 5 libs and attached Drupal behaviors splattered with once() later your 2 lines of…
August 23, 2019
I wish golf was 24 holes so I could slow down the pace of my beer drinking
August 17, 2019
You know you're old when @howiemandel beats you to @tiktok_us ...
August 14, 2019
I love going into the office and having an "extra monitor" that needs 40 dongles, a reboot and a small prayer befor…
August 9, 2019
I'll buy a @Tesla, just waiting for the next #BOGO
August 9, 2019
For next April 1st, I hope someone just deletes this page:
August 1, 2019
Fellow #devs, what is your current workflow and/or use of Dev vs Stage environments given devs are using locals, trying to solve a debate
July 26, 2019
I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that I’ve got great news. The bad news is that I don’t know what adjectives are.
July 26, 2019
Honestly, my biggest fear of a zombie apocalypse is all the walking we'd have to do...
July 26, 2019
Dev Poll: Which local setup do you use for #Drupal development?
July 19, 2019
Sunday is the perfect night for drinks, you're gonna hate Monday anyways, might as well be hungover...
July 14, 2019
I wish people who react to things with "I'm literally dead" would not react at all ...cause, well, you know
July 12, 2019
Installed a 16" rainfall shower head for our new house ...see you in a month
July 12, 2019
My #drupal8 experience thus far:
- Wow, this is a big learning curve
- Whoa, actually this shit is amazing
- Man, s…
July 3, 2019
I must say, @grandson has a new fan after seeing them at @LTShakedown , they killed it! Wish the album version of a…
July 2, 2019
Three things about Jurassic park 2:
1. Oh hey, it's on Netflix
2. OMG is that Vince Vaughn?!
3. 1997 @JeffGoldblum
June 27, 2019
Part of fighting for equality for women is breaking one's own internalized stigmas, so this week I've been trying r…
June 14, 2019
9 times out of 10 in programming is not what you've learned, it's how you learned it
#debugging #rubberduck #MentoringMonday
June 11, 2019
Imagine we didn't drink beer at work on Friday's?! Chaos, chaos I tells ya
June 7, 2019
Parades: not a fan
May 26, 2019
Finding a lot of designers/developers forget that some people actually browse on a screen larger than 13' macs, aft…
May 26, 2019
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