Composer for Films, New Media, TV and Commercials
Goldstein is the fourth generation in a family of musicians,the piano seemed a natural path from which to start his passion for music. From an early age Goldstein ventured into the realms of jazz music while seeping classical influences from his mother, a pianist in her own right. From the age of seven he studied with Gadi Goldman, one of his mother’s students. He continued his musical education by studying composition under the guidance of Opher Brayer. Goldstein’s first ensemble experience came at the age of 17 when he joined Assaf Sirkis’s Trio “The Inner Noise”. As a versatile musician, Adi played with a number of Jazz, Latin and World Music bands in the Israeli music scene. The Popular Path:In 2001 Goldstein collaborated with producer Eyal Katzav and arranged Yermi Kaplan’s “Lost Time” release which introduced Goldstein to the Israeli commercial music scene. Impressed with Goldstein while attending one of his gigs, producer Luis Lahav brought Goldstein to "Rita’s 2003 - Live” tour.This led to further collaborations with Rami Kleinstein , Guy Bocati with whom he arranged Arik Einshtein’s “All that’s Good in the World” and Avraham Tal . As permanent member of Ivri Lider’s band since 2007, their professional relationship has extended into different projects, together producing Rita’s album and live show “Clues”. He has since worked extensively with Israel’s leading artists contributing his skills as producer, arranger, programmer and keyboard player/pianist. Goldstein is also a current member of the Israeli “Kochav Nolad” (Israeli Idol) band. In 2010 Goldstein collaborated with Avraham Tal, scoring the music for the critically acclaimed TV show “POW".
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Shooting with Nikon FM1[35mm-Home development]
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Alan Rickman reads Shakespeare(Music By Adi Goldstein) via @YouTube
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Roger Gabalda is a composer and producer whose music has featured in advertising, tv, film and video games. His scores are highly emotive and pack only the most excellent quality of sounds. His tracks vary from big and epic to subtle and poignant.

Roger grew up in Barcelona, where he studied classical / modern guitar, piano and dramatic arts. Passionate about different genres and styles, he spent many years playing in bands and producing artists in the studio. Currently he works writing cinematic music for commercials, tv and video games.

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Leica M7 35mm Photos [Home Film Developing]
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Watch “'The Unspeakable World'-Alan Watts(Music By Adi Goldstein)” by @AGSoundtrax on #Vimeo
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I just published “‘The Unspeakable World’-Alan Watts(Music By Adi Goldstein)”
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'The Unspeakable World' - Alan Watts (Music By Adi Goldstein) via @YouTube
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August 12, 2017
'Floppytron' kontakt library by @samplesolibrary 🎹💾🎧

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